A house divided
Can Afghan elites resolve their difference in the pursuit of peace?

Peace is possible. But lasting peace is much harder to achieve. Globally, two-thirds of all armed conflicts since the mid-1980s have resulted in peace agreements.2 However, nearly half of all countries relapse into conflict within five to ten years.In Afghanistan, there was a resurgence of violence roughly six years4
after the 2001 Bonn Agreement, a peace accord brokered by the United Nations following the US-led invasion that ended the short-lived Taliban regime.

According to our interviews, both pro-government elites and opposition leaders share the opinion that the Afghan constitution of 2004 can be altered if it offers an opportunity to bring
peace to the country.

Living principles for an inclusive Afghan Peace process

Afghan civil society at large is concerned with the seeming willingness on the part of some of its allies in the International Community to allow achievements made in the past two decades, benefitting the Afghanpopulation at large, to be sacrificed.

Women & Peace
Participation of women in peace can bring stable peace in Afghanistan.
Women & Peace
Women’s Active Participation in Pre and Post Peace Agreement

Afghan women have so far not been fully recognized or engaged as stakeholders or participants in the current peace talks, women ‘peace-makers’, women’s groups and female leaders all across Afghanistan have been playing key roles in conflict resolution at local, provincial and national levels through their meaningful contribution to the development of new models of peacebuilding.

Women & Peace
Afghan peace and women participation

Palwasha Hassan Executive Director Afghan Women's Educational Center with Ambassador Khalilzad regarding US lead Afghan peace and women participation and raising women concern and aspirations for a sustainable peace in the country. The event has been facilitated by Afghan Women Network (AWN).

Geneva Conference on Afghanistan

Palwasha Hassan Speech in Geneva Conference on Afghanistan

Sustainable development is more needed than ever where poverty is rising, drought, and man-made disaster making living conditions for all Afghan hardship!

research Report finding on Girls access to education , challenges, opportunities and situation Analysis

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Feb 5, 2020 by Ministry of Refugees

Forum: Afghan Displacement Forum:

Palace, Kabul

Dec-19, 2018 by AWEC

Report: Education in Emergencies (EiE)

AWEC,CoAR, Save the Children,

Dec-7, 2011 by wikipedia.

Shinkai Karokhail: Afghan politician and rights activist.

political representation of women and the protection of vulnerable children

Dec 10, 2018 by Kabul

UN Women: Calls For Women’s Equal Role In Peace Process

Vacation, Boating

May 11, 2018 by Congress

Afghan women social activist Palwasha Hassan

Representing Afghan Women

May 2, 2019 by Awec

Gul Dozee: New Partners

Empowering women economically

UN Women: The global champion for gender equality.
Project : Women and peace
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Director of Women’s Affairs of Helmand province

welcomed the project and considered it a very important project for raising awareness and capacity building of Helmand women.

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introductory workshop in Kandahar province

Participants which includes, Office of the governor of Kandahar, Directorate of Haj and religious affairs, Head of women councils, and peace activists.

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Mohammad Yaseen Governor OF KANDAHAR

Mohammad Yaseen governor of Helmand province talking about the importance of peace and how peace can contribute to the development of Afghan people, especially Afghan women.


Public urged to take precautionary measures to deal with Covid-19

March 22nd, 2020|

 Civil society activist Miss Palwasha Hassan Civil society activist & Director of AWEC , Miss Palwasha Hassan has urged people to take precautionary measures and not to fully relay on government resources in the aftermath of coronavirus outbreak. What Afghanistan Should do to fight Corona pandemic outbreak Afghans should not wait for the government alone to avoid

Afghan-American Women Association (A-AWA) Statement on U.S. – Taliban Peace Agreement in Doha

March 5th, 2020|

To improve the status and well being of Afghan-American women through personal support, educational opportunities and professional growth Afghan-American Women Association (A-AWA) Statement on U.S. – Taliban Peace Agreement in Doha,    February 2020. The Afghan-American Association (A-AWA), an Afghan-led NGO in the Washington DC area, in consultation with the Afghan Women’s Education Center (AWEC – based in Afghanistan)

February 26th, 2020|

!حضور مرکز تعلیمی زنان افغان در نمایشگاه سفارت کانادا

Ms. Palwasha Hassan, life-long women’s rights activist,

February 26th, 2020|

Ms. Palwasha Hassan, at Women in Arts forum, Date 2-26-2020. For a long time in Afghanistan, art was all we had as women. From villages to cities, women would sing their sorrows, women would write about resistance” – Ms. Palwasha Hassan, life-long women’s rights activist, at Women in Arts forum.


December 31st, 2019|

Meeting Governor Mr. ShahMahmood 'Miakhel” on December 01, 2019, The Coordination meeting was conducted with Nangarhar Governor Mr. ShahMahmood 'Miakhel” on December 01, 2019, in Governor House Nangarhar province. In total 11 participants were from Advocacy group and AWEC GMN project staff. First Ms. (Hameeda Hamidi) GN project coordinator explained over all activities of AWEC in Nangarhar

Palwasha Hassan speech on launch research Report finding on Girls access to education , challenges, opportunities and situation Analysis

December 30th, 2019|

د پوهنې وزارت: خبر داري کال د مرغومي ۳مه د پوهنې وزارت: خبر داري ورکوي چي۳۳۰۰ ښوونځي چې په راتلونکي کال کې جوړېږي، زیات شمېر به یې نجونو ته ځانګړي شي. دا غوڼده د ۱۳۹۸ کال د مرغومي ۳مه، چي ښونی او روزنی ته د نجونو لاسرسي څېړنیز راپور موندنو ته ځانګړي شوي وه پکې د افغان

Two Active Youth Arranged a Session on “Sisters Have the Rights to Education Just like Us

December 17th, 2019|

Date: 15th Dec, 2019  , Paktia Sisters Have the Right to Education  On 15th December, 2019, two active youth, Samir Khan and Nyamatullah, arranged a session on “Sisters Have the Rights to Education Just Like Us” in the guestroom of their own house in Paktia. This activity was supported by the NAP-III (Safhe Jaded) project of Afghan

Distribution of Machine

December 17th, 2019|

Date;12-12-2019 Afghan Women Educational Center for more providing of economic empowerment and support services for vulnerable women , under the project of supporting Afghan women and children in conflict with the law, rehabilitation, reintegration and diversion, Distributed a sewing machine for one post released women, that support her family by using of this sewing machine and  tailoring

Women Can Put an End to Violence against Themselves

December 9th, 2019|

  Date: 5th Dec, 2019, Paktia On the occasion of the 16 day campaign against violence against women, a meeting was held in Paktia province titled "Women Can Put an End Violence against Themselves": Date: 5th Dec, 2019 On 5th December, 2019, the provincial office of Afghan Women’s Educational Centre held one day session on occasion of

Key Messages for 16 Days Campaign

December 4th, 2019|

Key Messages for 16 Days Campaign Gender and sexualized violence is intricately linked to peace. Afghanistan women ♯Time is now to advocates and pushes for an inclusive and gender-just peace process. ♯Time is now to intend to bring our community-based approach to remote regions of Afghanistan for women and their family’s empowerment. Coordinated advocacy work will bring

South Asian Activists Declare a Democracy Emergency in the Region

December 1st, 2019|

Rights activists, academics and artists of South Asia have declared a democracy emergency in the region. The declaration came after a careful examination of curbs on freedom of expression and association in the region, in a regional consultation that took place at Kathmandu, Nepal. South Asians for Human Rights (SAHR) organised the consultation on 15 and 16 November 2019

د ښځو پراخ ګډون تل پاتې سوله رامنځته کوي

November 25th, 2019|

د ښځو پراخ ګډون تل پاتې سوله رامنځته کوي “د ښځو پراخ ګډون تل پاتې سوله رامنځته کوي. “ کابل، ۲۸ لندۍ ۱۳۹۸ (۱۹ نوامبر ۲۰۱۹) .په هغه غونډه کې چې د «ښځې، سولې او امنیت» اړوند د ” نړیوالې پرانېستې ورځ “ په مناسبت جوړه شوي وه، ګډونوالو د تل پاتې سولې لپاره د ښځو د

Justice for Women and Girls in Formal and Informal Justice Systems

October 17th, 2019|

       Figure-1:  Date: 15th Oct, 2019, AWEC’s provincial office arranged one day session on “Justice for Women and Girls in Formal and Informal Justice Systems”: On 15th October, 2019, the provincial office of Afghan Women’s Educational Center arranged one day youth debate session on Justice for Women and Girls in Formal and Informal Justice Systems.