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AWEC implements the Emergency WASH Services to Vulnerable Host Communities Project by financial support of NCA in three districts (Jurm, Baharak & Faizabad) of Badakhshan province. The project started at 01/April/ 2023 and will end up at 30/12/2023. A total number of 20 Afghan national employees are providing services to most needy residence of the mentioned target area. The total beneficiaries who are directly benefiting from the project is 6500. The project is providing safe and healthy drinking water through rehabilitation of water sources in the target area. For the sustainability purpose, AWEC establishs WASH Committees in each target area and trains local residence on how to maintain the water source and provides a toolkit to them to repair the water source by themselves. Awareness raising sessions on hygiene is another activity which enhances the resident’s awareness on how to consider the personal and environmental hygiene to avoid infectious disease and to promote health condition of the target population. By Community Led Total Sanitation activity, the community will be encourage to use safe latrines, manage the garbage, promote sanitation and make their environment free of open defecation. Meanwhile hygiene and dignity kits distributed to the most vulnerable residents with the aims to promote using hygiene material to promote personal hygiene and to dignity. Meanwhile, AWEC provides short-term employment opportunities for the community through a cash-for-work program. AWEC will hire skilled and unskilled labour from local residents to excavate water sources and remove debris from the trenches. AWEC also provides psychosocial counselling to those beneficiaries who are in need of such services.