Education project for children started on September, 2018 AWEC hired 12 new professional teachers and conducted 3-day induction training for teachers on inclusive teaching methodologies class management in challenging environments. AWEC with help of community workers and school principal prepared a database of schools classes to specify the grade and age of children. To cove the lack of stationary and follow up the school student’s documents.
There are nine classes in KJRC from Grade 4-12 and three literacy classes and the teachers teaching those five days a week.
Total of children in KJRC are 274 and 190 of them are learning from Grade 4-12 and 78 of them are learning literacy class and 6 of them are graduated from 12 grade.

Results Activities:

  1. 12 new professional teachers hired and trained.
  2. One new tailoring trainer hired.
  3. Successfully signed two MoUs with MoE and MoJ within one month.
  4. Guideline for education in KJRC’s is endorsed by Education Commission of MoE.
  5. The KJRC School received code (351700119).
  6. The KJRC school stamp received from MOE
  7. Children attendance increased in the classes.
  8. Preparing proper school uniform for students.
  9. Distributed school uniform for all students
  10. School schedule is revised and improved.Project Achievements:
    Appreciation letter from head of KJRC for success of project activities and excellent work of staff.2. Increase of interest and attention of students for learning lesson in the classes.
    3. Change of behavior of students in a good way.
    4. Good attendance of students in the classes
    5. Finished a completed Database for KJRC juveniles by Community workers and Education coordinator.
    6. 36 students reintegrated in the public school after release.
    7. Annual exam was took from all students of school according to Guideline of Education ministry.
    8. Upgrade of students to higher level after annual exam
    9. Appreciated students from 1st up to 3 degree
    10. Expressing of students from project teachers for excellent teaching.
    11. Appreciation letter from Ministry of Social and labor to AWEC, because of valuable services for children.