Support to Afghan Women and Children in Conflict with the Law: Diversion, Rehabilitation and Reintegration is one of the Afghan Women Education Center-AWEC’s projects that is funded by the European Commission. AWEC is partnering with Children in Crisis organization (CiC) and Tabesh NGOs for implementing this project.

Moving under the light of its vision of “Establishing an environment free of violence and discrimination, enabling women and children to access their human rights within the country, based on concepts of civil society democracy, justice and gender equity”, AWEC is implementing the CIC project since first June 2018 and it planned to end by November 2020.
The Support to Afghan Women and Children in Conflict with the Law: Diversion, Rehabilitation and Reintegration project focuses on the children and women in conflict with the law of Afghanistan who are the most vulnerable section of the society. This project will continue till November 2020 to support imprisoned children and women with on three key objectives; diversion, rehabilitation and reintegration.

Diversion: By “diversion” this project aims to help women and children avoid involvement with the justice system.
Rehabilitation: Those who are involved with the justice system this project aims to rehabilitate them through creating improved conditions within detention centers and supporting the emotional and physical wellbeing of women and children, as well as preparing them for a safe return to society.

Reintegration: In addition it is essential to reintegrate the children and women in the society. The activities that strive to reintegrate them to the society enables the children and women to overcome, both the stigma they face following detention, as well as to avoid the return to the conditions which led to their initial arrest.

Afghan Women Education Center carry the flag of diversion, rehabilitation and reintegration walks on the path of its mission that is: Awareness raising and advocacy, Social service delivery, Capacity building, self-sufficiency and sustainable development initiatives.

AWEC has active in Kabul partially and mostly in Balkh as per the CiC program design. Currently this project is on its 2nd quarter of second year, covering 75 women and 20 of their children in Balkh Women Prison, BWP. The women in Balkh Women Prison receive legal advice and advocacy from AWEC lawyer, social consolation and support for reintegration from AWEC social worker, medical services from AWEC OPD doctor, and six days a week, while their children are taken care of by AWEC kindergarten teacher. 

In addition, there is English class, Computer class, Literacy Education class and two vocational training courses of embroidery and bag making. The aim is to build skills that could support the inmate’s lives after their release.Our endeavor doesn’t end there and our Referral Officer does it all to make sure those released from prison get better future by facilitating job opportunities for those of them that have working skills and by facilitating further more vocational and education opportunities for those who have interest.