Date: 5th Dec, 2019, Paktia

On the occasion of the 16 day campaign against violence against women, a meeting was held in Paktia province titled “Women Can Put an End Violence against Themselves”:
Date: 5th Dec, 2019

On 5th December, 2019, the provincial office of Afghan Women’s Educational Centre held one day session on occasion of 16 day campaign against violence against women. In this session, which was dedicated to the theme “Women Put Can an End Violence against Themselves,” the participants were: active women, civil activists, journalists, university students, youth, and other community members.The session began with the recitation of several verses from the Holy Quran, recited by religious scholar. On wards, the initial brainstorming session was started. It was on: the definition of violence, different perspectives to violence, the different types of violence, and the 22 types of violence identified in the Prevention of Violence Act, the areas of violence, and the adverse consequences of violence for victims as well as society.

During the brainstorming session, Sakina Amin, an active woman, addressed the other participants, saying, “Let’s fight against this evil phenomena in an actual and concrete way. First of all, we should equip ourselves with Islamic principles in the light of which we reform ourselves, our families and our communities. We should give women their rights which are given by the holy religion of Islam. All of us, every group of community, must fight against violence against women and reform our society….”After the discussion, the participants discussed the areas of violence in the group work. Participants were divide into five groups to discuss the five major areas of violence where violence against women and girls occurred the most: family, educational institutions, working administration, the health sector, and public life. All groups discussed the types of violence, causes, effects on women and girls, ways to prevent it, and the role of women and the role they play in preventing it.

Finally, after the group work, representatives from all groups shared the conclusion of their group discussions with other groups. At the end of the meeting, Mohammad Ismail Haidari, a civil activist, shared his views with other participants, “we are obliged for giving women and girls all those rights which are given by the Holy religion of Islam. Women open the doors of paradise when they are daughters, paradise is beneath their feet when they are mothers, and complete the faith of her husband when she is a wife. All of us, civil activists, youth, tribal leaders, religious scholars, politicians, and every influential community member are obliged to fight against violence against women and put an end to this evil phenomenon.”