I will never tell my children again (I don’t have money) for your play tools, because now I have my own income, from my own efforts.

This is the speech of Maqbula a young woman from Mazar province Dehdadi district. Maqbula lives in a poor family with her husband, 3 children (two sons and one daughter), mother in law and father in law. Dehdadi district of Balkh province is a remote area where most of the women are living in a critical economy situation. Maqbula is one of these women who has spent a bad economy situation. She added that (we were living in a very critical economy situation, we found food and other necessary equipment of life with hard working). Her husband has a small shop in their village, due to lack of his capital and weak economy manner, he has only a few type of grocery stuff in his shop. She was suffering from the situation that she was faced with. she said that “I well remembers the moment that while my children were asking for money to buy (toys) tools for plying with other children, and I was not able even give them one AFs”. I was inevitable to say them (I don’t have money) for your play tools. Every day she was thinking about her family critical economy situation, and her children future. As she added that she was very interested to help her husband, but there was no way to have an income opportunity in our society for women.

Finally, Allah accepted my prays, one of my relatives informed me about Self-health group program in our village. I went to the house of team leader of Self-health group and registered myself for the program.

This program was launched by AWEC office in our village for six months, during this period I learned about dairy products process, and finding market for the processed products. fist the program staff trained us on process of dairy products including yogurt, milk, and milk cream. After learning of dairy process, AWEC staff conducted trainings to all members of Self-health group to find ways of selling the products and finding customers. For running our business, AWEC provided some necessary equipment to all four SHG in Dehdadi district as well.
After receiving technical skills of dairy product process, and learning of marketing for dairy products, we all members of Self-health group come to one place every day and work on processing dairy products. every day our work earns money for all the group members. This was a dream for me to have an income by myself from my own efforts, fortunately with the support of AWEC office I reached to my dreams and I have income for my family. Beside feeding of my family from my income, I buy toys (play tools) to my children. As this was my wish from long time that a day I can buy my children’s favorite tools.