Figure 1.2 Afghan Women’s Development is possible in any situation 17-Sep-2019

A woman who wants to save the future of her children by learning a profession/vocation inside the prison. And doesn’t like her children to be punished for the crime she done. Shakeera, who has been in Balkh women prison for the murder of her husband from last three years and six months, and she will be there for ten years to pass her imprisonment.
Now she regrets much of killing her husband. Shakeera lives in the prison with her two small children a daughter and a son. There is no anyone else in her family to help her and care to her children. In addition to being an illiterate woman, she did not learn any profession. Shakira is very pleased with the launch of AWEC activities inside the prison, particularly for the launching of vocational classes and programs inside the prison, she learns bag making and literacy from the female trainers that AWEC hired for them every day.

She is very hopeful for her future and her children, she is very interesting for learning of the vocation, as she said that “after releasing from the prison, I can feed and support my children with vocation I have learned here, this is a chance for all inmates to learn a profession and continue their life with”. Furthermore, there is a small childcare center inside the prison for feeding and caring the children of prisoner women as well. AWEC hired a female trainer for their children, she come to the prison every day and do her job according to the role and policy of the prison with the babies.