CIC project Success story

Figure 1: The Shah Johan’s Development

The only guardian for her family was their brother, the women of this family relied on men and besides, they were not literate, and were not able to do any occupation and profession.
Kamila, Ghuncha and Shah Jahan, who are all sisters, lived in a family with four members. Before she went to prison their family lived normal as like other Afghan families. Their brother was the watchman of the family. The women of this family relied on men and, besides, they were not literate, they had not learned any profession.
The lawsuit with their neighbor on electricity result killed his young son. The watchman of the family escaped, and these three sisters are jailed for the murder partner. Their house is blamed by the perpetrator and their old mother gets out from home and gone to the street.

Their elder sisters was married. She passed six month in prison with her one year old small kid. During their stay in jail they were trained by Afghan Women’s Educational center where they learned tailor and embroidery in a standard manner. After passing six months in prison, the crime was not proved to them and they were released from prison.As they had no house, they went to their sisters Ghonch’s house with their mother. To have a normal life they needed to rent a house and buy home needed tools as well. These three sisters produce and sell their products, in order to have a proper selling system, after two months they were introduced with Afghan reinforcement program for women and received its membership. Their products are introduced to exhibitions and they sold their handmade products during the national exhibition.
three sisters rented the house from their own products and bought the home needed equipment as well. Their younger sister was interested in reading and writing. She was introduced to the Afghan Women’s Training Center for literacy courses. She is now learning in addition, she continues her embroidery activities.They learned sewing and embroidery professionally in prison, therefore their products had high demand in the market. They sell their products in Kabul market, receive orders from their neighbors, and send their products to other provinces like Kapitsa. The money they earns from the sale of products, they uses for house rent and other home need expenses as well in purchase of raw materials.