Civil society activist Miss Palwasha Hassan

Civil society activist & Director of AWEC , Miss Palwasha Hassan has urged people to take precautionary measures and not to fully relay on government resources in the aftermath of coronavirus outbreak.

What Afghanistan Should do to fight Corona pandemic outbreak
Afghans should not wait for the government alone to avoid the spread of virus, we should all participate in improving our hygiene, and that of our community and be prepared for the worst in case this pandemic reaches our close one, how we can better support ourselves and our dear ones.  We all know government has limited resources, peace within and with Taliban are two other pandemic to deal with it is our job as citizen to play better role to reduce the possible life destruction due to virus outbreak.
To Avoid the spread:
– The government to quarantine cities like Herat, if we cannot block borders as at the end no Afghan should be stopped to come to home, at least we should have limited interprovincial border limited to basic food and health support transit only.   Provinces like Herat should be Sealed so government is able to use limited sourced in one or two provinces to support the effected citizens.
-Other provinces like Samangan and Balkh should have local quarantine measure to limit the spread beyond the locality of residence of the patient
-Families with infected members should consider at home treatment and quarantine or hospital to take full control of spreading effect of CoVID-19
-Afghanistan health hospital capacity is limited; we need an emergency training of health volunteers that can help infected person(s), and how people can create bed support in home or community to cope with mass impact
To Avoid other impact of Virus
-To control Hunger crisis among 54 percent of people living already under poverty government to activate special stores for low income families
-Government to guide people to continue with routine activities as life must continue; in US for instance a gathering of more than 100 people is not allowed, in Pakistan less than 500 person gathering is ok, we don’t know what is Afghanistan limit, this limit and practice can be learned and adopted from neighbours in SAARC countries
-Government and business community to create special market and food preserve areas for poor neighborhood so everyone have access to food items and market not be swiped by rich
Joint efforts for waste management and dumping waste in such a way not  to create further breathing ground for the virus
General public and business to create special fund to give free masks, gloves, and sanitation good to poor with particular focus on the street children