Paper launch and Round table discussion:
AWEC in collaboration with SALAH consortium and The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) organized a half day event in Serena Kabul to launch “A house divided: Can Afghan elites resolve their differences in the pursuit of peace?” paper presented by Authors Ms. Palwasha Hassan and Mr. Mirwais Wardak. The paper launch was followed by panel discussions. The panelist and moderators were renowned subject matter experts that included former ambassador to Pakistan and China Mosazai’ former minister of mines and Petroleum, and former Deputy Minster MFA Zaman, former Minster Defense Asey, Dr. Azizi and young Afghan economist and political analyst Idrees Rahmani who joined the discussion from long distance.
After presentation of research finding and conclusion, participants has interacted through posing question and comments. Overall they appreciated the in-depth coverage of key issues of concern under research report and also considered it relevant and timely to current historic juncture that Afghanistan is passing through.
The follow-up panel discussion under the topic of a new synthesis has looked to explore the current Afghan peace talk, that included; what is the current scenario of the talk, how can Afghan manage regional and International conflicting interest. The regional and international interest management was one of the findings of the report as key challenge that Afghan polity are aware the importance of regional countries role in Afghan peace and the role of international partners but are not able to manage these difference in best interest of their country. The panelist also discussed what is possible realistic outcome of peace in Afghanistan how women rights and human rights can be preserved in peace and post peace processes. The discussion ended with topic of economic dividend of peace, which was considered as important topic that need to be followed important thematic area of future meetings. (the detail report will report is upcoming)
paper presented Ms. Palwasha Hassan and Mr. Mirwais Wardak
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