Amplify Change: Supporting Women’s Rights in Afghanistan:
Project Period: April 2017 – March 2022, Funded by: Global Affairs Canada, Lead by: OXFAM Afghanistan, Implementing by: Afghan Women’s Education Centre (AWEC), Target Area: Herat (Enjeel, Karokh and Gozara districts). Amplify Change is to empower women and girls in Afghanistan to participate in decision making processes within the Afghan society. The project will work to make changes at this level in nine districts across three provinces of Afghanistan: Herat, Balkh and Nangarhar. The theory of change (TOC) is based on two strategic pillars that work together to contribute to the kinds of changes the project seeks to support:
Pillar one: Empowering women and girls to access services and amplify their voices for supportive community.
Pillar two: Amplifying the voices of civil society, especially WROs, to connect, reflect, share, learn and adapt their approaches to advance women’s rights, especially the right to live free from violence.