Noor Muhammad is an eighth grader student in Kabul Juvenail Rehabilitation Center high school in Kabul city:

I had been struggling at the school since last year, the school seemed to be most like a prison, where children would have been sheltered apart from their homes. And in reality there were no endeavor taken through children correction nor all the children would attend to their classes regularly. Lack of enough resources like stationery and teachers caused unwillingness among students. The students were called prisoners and they were convinced that even schooling would take them to nowhere, the disappointing gap led the students to hopelessness and it stand as a theory of not schooling the children.

Fortunately after AWEC organization with coordination of UNICEF runs the school needs assessment by the name of KJRC the new class rooms were constructed, professional teachers were hired and once in every fifteen days the students were provided with the necessary stationery. The new teachers caused positive change and desirable improvements in students’ correction and training, the students were inspired and motivated by the teachers that even with the minimum facilities they would do their homework and group activities regularly with passion. No student is mistreated anymore like they used to be, and everyone is equally respected. We have big dreams now.

Noor Muhammad is willing on continuing his studies with help of AWEC organization and wants to become a very useful personality to his homeland in the future.