Meena, a 34 years old woman form Nangarhar, currently living in Mazar_e_Sharif, accused of her husband`s murder, and was prohibited to meet her children by her in-law’s. Meena narrates her life`s story as follow:

My husband was a jobless person, he did nothing in his life, he was addicted to alcohol, and drugs. I used to work in houses to bring something to eat and drink for my children. He had a very bad behavior with me and he always used to beat me but I still loved him. He had habit to bring his friends at home and play cards with them and drink alcohol. One night, he came with his friends and after some time his friend went back and when I entered the room I saw that my husband was murdered with knife and the murderer used my scarf in his murder. After that the police bring me to the prison and the court sentenced me for 16 years to jail.

I was living in prison with no hopes in total darkness. I could not visit my family and my children. There was no one who cared about me or came to visit me in prison. I always desired if I could once visit my children and there was no hope for that. I didn`t have any news about my children. Thus, I was tired of life. Sometimes I felt why am I living and I should die. It was when AWEC started a project in prison with lots of facilities for prisoners such as: computer class, English class, accelerating class, bag making class, handicraft class and etc, moreover there was a lawyer, and a social worker who was very kind and warm hearted person. When I shared my story with her, she assured me of arranging a meeting of my children with me, and I gave her my family in-law’s address and contact number.

She met them many times and tried to convince them to give me Ebra and let me to meet my children. After lots of discussion and meetings now they are agreed and brought my children to visit me. It is all because of AWEC and its team members` hard work that we prisoners are benefited from different facilities of learning in prison which is a hope for us to be independent in the future and support ourselves when we get out of the prison. Also it is all because of AWEC that I can meet my children, I am very grateful of AWEC and its team for providing such opportunities for us.