Meeting Governor Mr. ShahMahmood ‘Miakhel” on December 01, 2019,

The Coordination meeting was conducted with Nangarhar Governor Mr. ShahMahmood ‘Miakhel” on December 01, 2019, in Governor House Nangarhar province. In total 11 participants were from Advocacy group and AWEC GMN project staff. First Ms. (Hameeda Hamidi) GN project coordinator explained over all activities of AWEC in Nangarhar province. she provided information on the implementation of the GN project in Surkhrod and Behsod districts of Nangarhar province, explained the objectives of the Advocacy group in great details. She also introduced advocacy group to governor and explained the effective role of advocacy group in implementing the project. Next, Mr. Ahmad wali Safi Member of Advocacy Group delivered his speech and explained the Advocacy TOR.Mr. Safi added: “our advocacy group is consist of Community elders, school shuras, parents and champ groups ,we will do our best to reenrolled those girls that left schools due to economic, social, and cultural problems.”The Participant had detailed discussion about over all aspects of girl’s education in Nangarhar.
Mr. Laal Muhammad (Advocacy member) explained the value and importance of education in Islam and also discussed about Surkhrod district schools problems.He said “Islam is a peaceful religion and Education has played a central role in Islam since early times insist on Muslims to live in peaceful and educational environment with each other and let the women to be safe and improve their knowledge.
Mr. Haji ghulam Farooq (Advocacy member) explained the role of women in Education. He said “Women are the half part of Afghan society, they play a key role in the family. They have an influence on the family members ranging from children to her husband. They can use the influence, achieved through spending time with their children to educate them of critical issues in life. At the end, Nangarhar Governor Shah Mahmoud Miakhel also praised the work of the Afghan Women’s Educational Center and talked about education as the basis of the community also give some life examples about his life that education change humans. He has stressed education is the foundation of the community. He encouraged the advocacy team to work together and avoid the absence of girls in schools.
The Governor said “I will collaborate and support the GN project Advocacy team in Nangarhar and will direct the relevant governmental organizations to contribute and well support you”.