Afghan Women’s Educational Center (AWEC) with cooperation of International Women Peace Group (IWPG) conducted one-day (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) day celebration in AWEC Educational center name (Anna center) on 25 Apr 2019.

Beside to AWEC and IWPF staff, guests from different CSOs and NGOs participated the celebration of DPCW with children of Anna center.
In the start of the ceremony AWEC representative Mr. Mohammad Juma talked and informed participants about AWEC and IWPG and added that every year AWEC in cooperation of IWPG celebrate from the DPCW day in AWEC Educational center. Furthermore, Anna center teachers and students talked and read their written articles regarding peace in Afghanistan, in particular they asked Afghan president and International society to help Afghanistan for having a sustainable peace.In addition to the speeches, Anna center students presented an allegorical program related to peace in Afghanistan as well.

At the end of the program/ceremony for better encouraging of students for education, AWEC distributed school bags to all students.
One of the students named Murtaza was glad about the program and said that he enjoyed from the program and added that this is his wish to have a real peace in our country to have a safe place for our education.