Conference on Women, Peace and Security -Heart Held on-Feb 27, 2019

Safhe Jaded is a three-year project (Nov 2016 to Dec 2019) for implementing the Afghan NAP 1325 by linking inclusive security and justice. This project is funded by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by a coalition of three partners Afghan Women’s Educational Center (AWEC), Cordaid and Oxfam Novib in six provinces of Afghanistan including: Nangarhar, Parwan, Herat, Daikundi, Paktia and Balkh provinces.Safhe Jaded project aims at contributing to increased security and justice for women and girls in Afghanistan.Under this project AWEC builds the capacity of government authorities, CSOs and youth by providing capacity building trainings on NAP 1325 to make government responsible for implementation of NAP in Afghanistan.

As part of Safhe Jaded project, AWEC in coalition with Oxfam organized two events in Herat province. The first event was attended by 22 Mullahs from six target provinces on Feb 27, 2019. The main discussion of the event was about women’s participation in security and justice from Islamic perspective.

The second event was on Feb 28, 2019 with participation from different sectors including women led organization, CSOs, youth groups, women activists, government, media and religious organizations. The main purpose of this event was to facilitate dialogue and discussions between women, religious scholars, youth and government authorities. There were 300 participants in the event and topics included challenges, cultural or religious barriers, opportunities, women’s meaningful participation in government. The event was widely welcomed by all participants and suggested by mullahs to have similar events in other provinces as well.