Children’s Universal Day is celebrated in Paktia

For the celebration of Children’s Universal Day, the Paktia provincial office of Afghan Women Educational Center (AWEC) launched drawing competitions among the students of Shashgar High School – Gardez on 4th of December 2018. The number of students, who were selected from 4th, 5th, and 6th classes, was 240 consists of 120 boys and 120 girls. The competition was performed, for both boys and girls, in separate places and times.

In this drawing competition, the students were asked to draw and present it on a piece of paper as picture: what they think about peace, what is the picture of peace in their mind, what does peace mean to them, and what is the beauty of peace and horribleness of war in their mind. Furthermore, they were also asked to picture their life and their living situation in order to know how they interpret the ways of their lives and how all these are placed in their minds.

Finally, after the evaluation of the drawings, for their further motivation, the top ten, five among boys and five among girls, were awarded with educational tools. The evaluation of the drawings were based on the nearness to the topic, neatness, better painting, and more specially the meanings they carried. It is worthy to mention that all the materials – pencil, rubber, sharpeners, painters, and white pages – were also distributed to them. Moreover, for their refreshment, the 240 students were given edible things (biscuits and juices) too.