Figure 1: AWEC M&E is interviewing with Arzoo in Herat  27-Aug-2019

Arzoo a young woman who spend her life with many problems, say her story of a hard life. She has two children and living with her disable husband in a small house. She got marriage in the age of 18 while she was a student of 11 grade in her father’s house. Her marriage was a family marriage and she was not allowed to continue to her education after getting marriage. She had problems with her husband’s family, because when her husband gets injured in traffic accident, her family fall in financial trouble. Her husband’s family forced her to separate from her husband and remarriage with another man, but she did not accept to marriage with another man. moreover, her husband’s family used to say that this person is ill and paralyzed and he can’t being like before, but she was thinking about her son and her disable husband, and always washing for him to be well. Because of the over pressure of her family, her husband hanged himself, but fortunately he was saved by Arzoo.
Her in-lows family told their son that you can’t feed your wife and children in this case the man came under pressure and commits to suicide but when her husband’s rescue by his wife, the family of her husband accusation on Arezo’s honor, they said that, when his wife was with whom he withdrawing to suicide but her husband rejected this accusation. Finally, she informed about AWEC’s newly establish center in Enjeel district for women, Arzoo in coordination to her husband referred to this center and shared her problem with AWEC lawyer advisors. After getting the consulting of the lawyers, she rented one room in her uncle’s house to the insignificant price and washing clothes in the near neighbors houses for receiving the money. Beside to that she is very welling to attend the class and learn a vocation which will be provided by AWEC in their district, in order to feed and support her family. In addition, she tries to treat her disable husband as well.