Distribution of food packages for needy families
On the 12th of April the Afghan Women Education Center (AWEC) delivered food packages to a total of 164 families from Anna Centre for street/ working children in Kabul. The packages included four packs of oil, one bag of rice, five soap bars and an information brochure on how to prevent risks of Covid-19. Since the Afghan government announced a lockdown for three weeks on March 27th, 2020 restrictions were imposed on the day to day life of many Afghans. For many this threatened their daily activities to provide income for their families. Leading to more poverty and hunger.

Help Families during Quarantine

We are happy to receive this food package as I am old and I don’t have any income.” said Mohammad Saeed a 70-year-old father of eight girls and two sons. He thanked everyone who has organized the packages and urged government, NGOs and other people who are able to support many Afghan like himself who are disadvantaged in this situation. Shah Mohmand a disabled man also a member of the center added: “I worked in fruits market in Kabul and carried the people fruit from one place to other places, but now due to corona disease the market is closed.”He said, his daily income was 100 to 200 Afghani and with that money he could feed his family just for one day. He added: “I am really happy to be receiving the food package in a really stough time as we really need help.”
Thank you for your generous contribution:
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