The Women & Peace project started its activity by collecting data from all 8 provinces and 24 districts through a survey questioner. The data was collected through survey forms. The criteria for selecting peace activists in the area includes role of the activist in conflict resolution at the local and community levels, their knowledge from the laws and rules and regulations, and women rights as well as their position in the target areas. A comprehensive database was developed for Identifying and registering women peacebuilders active in conflict resolution in target areas. This database will be used for this and any future projects or activity that requires active participation of women at the community, local, provincial and national levels.

Fazila Baraki surveying a peace activist in provincial focal point in Kabul

Beheshta :provincial focal point interviewing from a respondent

Safia Elham: provincial focal point recording responses to the questions asked in survey forms

Adela Shaheen : focal point surveying a member of peace council in Helmand province

Shogufa Ahadi: provinicial focal point surveyinig and recording responses

Anisa Nabiyar : provincial focal point explaining the survey form to the respondent

Noorani Khpalwak :provincial focal point surveying a peacebuilder in Mirzaki district in Paktya province

A woman peacebuilder filling out survey form in Balkh province

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Jan-2020 by AWEC

Deputy Governor, Kabul: Deputy Governor of Kabul giving a speech on the importance of having Women & Peace project in the targeted areas

Location, Kabul

talking about the improvement in women’s social status after bringing in peace to the country

location, Kabul

remarks: peace can only be created by efforts of Afghan people and especially women who are creating and nurturing the society

Location, Kabul

Head of provincial council: Talking about the importance of women’s participation in peace process.

venue, Marzar-e-sharif

Economic director : appreciated and welcomed the new project and added this project will provide an opportunity for women at grass-root level to get involved in peace negotiations

Venue, Hilmad

Governor of Helmand : talking about importance of peace and how peace can contribute to development of Afghan people, especially Afghan women.

Venue, Helmand

Deputy Governor: &Director of Women’s Affair of Badakhshan province welcomed and promised to assist AWEC office in finding women peacebuilders and implementing the project in Badakhshan

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Provincial focal point in Kandahar province presenting the project to participants.

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To start provincial workshops two manuals were developed, one for the trainer and another for women peacebuilders. These manuals will be primarily used to provide local peacebuilders with tools and techniques for approaching conflict in their communities.  The Peacebuilder Manual provides activities and exercises to accompany each section of the Trainer Manual. Since our target group is mainly consisted of women with less or no education, we therefore used more illustration and easier language in this manual to make it suitable for this level of readers.