AWEC’s Program Implementation Manager and Malala Fund’s Gulmakai Champion/Deema Hiram participated in UNGA conference in New York from 22-26 Sep, 2019. The GN champion participated in a couple of panel discussions focused on:
• The state of education in Afghanistan, the progress being made by local actors like Afghan Women’s Education Centre (AWEC), and the challenges that remain in a country where conflict has wreaked havoc on the system.
• To highlight the importance of ensuring that education systems are set up to address the trauma that many migrant and refugee children face before, and during their journeys to new countries.
• To share your own stories and leadership on how to improve education in Afghanistan where years of conflict has wreaked havoc on the system.
• To discuss the role of Malala Fund and its model of supporting local actors in EiE settings and explore how this role can complement that of bilateral and multilateral actors to foster greater momentum and responsibility for quality learning in crisis. Learn more about Deema and other Malala Fund education champions