Exhibtion : Arrange by FHI

8 March-International Women Day, event arranged by High Peace Council

8 March-International Women Day, event arranged by High Peace Council

WEED project Success story
August- 11-2020

Wade project plans started in the Dehdadi district of Sheikh Abad village of Balkh province; Karima became a member and participated in the training. Later, when she starts working in the dairy sector, she learns many different things, such as preparing dairy products, marketing, collecting, and saving money from her products. All members were allowed to borrow money from the savings agreement and repay it. Besides producing dairy, the employees are making Macaroni and spaghetti in a standard way. This results on a good income and salary for the employees. Karima is thrilled that she can support her family, and she wishes to be able to buy big dairy Machines and start an independent business and help women like her get a job.

Women & Peace
Participation of women in peace can bring stable peace in Afghanistan.
Women & Peace
Women’s Active Participation in Pre and Post Peace Agreement

Afghan women have so far not been fully recognized or engaged as stakeholders or participants in the current peace talks, women ‘peace-makers’, women’s groups and female leaders all across Afghanistan have been playing key roles in conflict resolution at local, provincial and national levels through their meaningful contribution to the development of new models of peacebuilding.

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March 8 to 12 March 2021 Exhibition, facilitated by FHI360

Happy women day

Bagh Babor , Kabul

May 2, 2019 by Awec

Goldozi: New Partners

Empowering women economically


AWEC is a non-profit women led national organization, established in 1991. AWEC focuses on reducing vulnerability and building capacities among marginalized communities with special focus on women and children. AWEC’s first project after establishment was starting a high school to provide education for the Afghan refugee children in Islamabad, Pakistan in the year 1991. This school was started with community contributions as a primary school and after delivering quality services to the Afghan refugees children the community requested the schools developed to high school.


An inclusive and just society with sensitized and responsive public and private sectors, where all women and children have access to opportunities to improve their quality of life in order to realize their full potential.


AWEC demonstrates its commitment to the inclusion, protection and empowerment of Afghan women and children, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups, striving towards attaining their human rights and gender equality by:


Inclusiveness and respect
Accountability and fairness
Professionalism and competence
Collaboration and team spirit