Education in Emergencies (EiE) Teacher Training Manual Development National Workshop

  ورکشاپ ملی انکشاف رهنمود آموزشی معلمان تعلیم و تربیه در حالت اضطرار به ابتکار وزارت معارف و به همکاری مالی دفتر (Save the Children) و همکاری تخنیکی دفاتر (AWEC) و ) (CoAR) به تاریخ 19 دسامبر 2018 در هوتل پارک ستار برگزار شد. در ورکشاپ یاد شده از مسئولین بخش تعلیم و تربیه

Women Participation in peace

UN Calls For Women’s Equal Role In Peace Process Women’s full, equal and meaningful participation in peace processes was the focus of this year’s Afghanistan-wide Global Open Days events, a series of nationwide dialogues around women, peace and security. “Gender inequality continues to prevail in Afghanistan with regard to women’s participation in

Palwasha Hassan Speech in geneva Conference on Afghanistan

held on 27 & 28 November 2018 Palwasha Hassan Speech in Geneva Conference on Afghanistan: Today at high level Meeting, at Geneva conferee side event on Afghanistan Sustainable Development Goals. I have been representing Civil society as chair of ACBAR where the main messages were: 1. Sustainable development is more needed than ever

Palwasha Hassan

Palwasha Hassan. Photo: Courtesy of Palwasha Hassan Palwasha Hassan is a mobilizer who fought for the rights of women to be enshrined in Afghanistan’s 2004 Constitution. She is an advisor at the country’s High Peace Council (which is tasked with negotiating with elements of the Taliban), and also the Executive Director of