Presidential Elections: 2019

17-September 2019 AWEC Paktia Office- Importance of Women’ Vote in Presidential Elections of 2019 One day session was arranged on importance of women’s vote in presidential election of 2019: On 17th September, 2019, the provincial office of Afghan Women’s Educational Center conducted youth debate session on Importance of Women’s Vote in Presidential

Second NGO Annual conference

Palwasha Hassan Director of  Afghan Women's Educational Center (AWEC) presented in a panel presided by Minister Mastoor and Ambassador Pierre of EU. The panelist discussed one year ( 2018-2019) of Non Profit  work in Afghanistan, achievements and Challenges. Ms, Hassan raised issues related to NGO one budget and balanced development that need a relook

د سولې د خبرو اترو په تړاو د مدني ټولنې او رسنیو د ګډ ګروپ مطبوعاتي اعلامیه

د سولې د خبرو اترو په تړاو د مدني ټولنې او رسنیو د ګډ ګروپ مطبوعاتي اعلامیه نیټه:۲۰۱۹ د جولای ۶ کابل- افغانستان لکه څرنګه چې په دې وروستیو کې د افغانستان د سولې خبرو اترو په تړاو مخلتف هېوادونه په دې لټه کې دي چي د افغان سولې سره مرسته وکړي او دغه

Cooperation Agreement between Ministry of Information and Culture and Afghan Women’s Educational Center

  AWEC has signed an agreement of cooperation with the Ministry of Information and Culture to better implement its activities on capacity building and employment opportunities for female journalists. The agreement was signed by Ms. Palwasha Hassan, Executive Director for AWEC and Mr. Sayed Fazel Hossain Sancharaki, Publication Deputy of Ministry of Information