Our objectives at the Center is for women to be aware of their rights and do something to achieve those rights. Coming to AWEC helps women to learn about and exercise their rights to be independent and self confident instead of sitting isolated at home,  Many women like myself want to do more for peace and human rights, but we didn’t know where to begin. Following the Fourth World Conference on Women  in  4–15 September 1995 in Beijing, China. Some women met in our Center and stated the Afghan Women’s Network. 

The Afghan Women’s Network wants to encourage the Afghan community especially women to participate in the peace process. We are advocating internationally for the participation of Afghan women in the peace process and to ensure women’s human rights to employment education and security. Teaching about peace is part of our Classes for adults and children. Our center is set up to bring different groups together which will help establish peace in our country. As member of the Afghan Women’s Network, AWEC circulated a peace questionnaire in the community as well as started a poster campaign and a booklet of essays and poems written by children.