Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Palwasha Hassan. Photo: Courtesy of Palwasha Hassan

Palwasha Hassan is a mobilizer who fought for the rights of women to be enshrined in Afghanistan’s 2004 Constitution. She is an advisor at the country’s High Peace Council (which is tasked with negotiating with elements of the Taliban), and also the Executive Director of the Afghan Women’s Educational Centre (AWEC). She has been a political and women’s rights activist since her early youth, volunteering with a women’s movement in 1995. Ms. Hassan attended the Afghanistan-Pakistan Peace Assembly in 2007 and authored a position paper for the 2010 London Conference on Afghanistan , calling for concrete measures to enforce women’s rights and strengthen their role within Afghan society. Ms. Hassan completed her post-graduate studies in Post-War Recovery from York University, United Kingdom, in 2006. Through the Afghan Women Networks (AWN)—an umbrella association for 123 women’s organizations—UN Women supports AWEC to strengthen women’s political participation in Afghanistan.